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Mortgage Overdraft/Loan against property

Overdraft (OD)/Loan facilities for account holders availed against property kept as collateral

Rate of Interest
Mortgage Loan: Upto Rs 100.00 LacsAbove Rs.100.00 Lacs
a) 50% Margin: 13%. p.a12.50% p.a
b) 40% Margin: 14%. p.a13.50% p.a
c) 30% Margin: 14.50%. p.a14.00% p.a
Mortgage OD : Upto Rs 100.00 LacsAbove Rs.100.00 Lacs
a) 50% Margin: 13.50%. p.a13.00% p.a
b) 40% Margin: 14.50%. p.a14.00% p.a
c) 30% Margin: 15.00%. p.a14.50% p.a


50%, 40% or 30%  of the value of the property. Valuation to be carried out by approved valuer.

i)Upto 10 LacsMaximum upto 84 months
ii)Above Rs.10.00 LacsMaximum upto 120 Months
iii)OD Limit2 months, subject to renewal.


  • Equitable/Registered Mortgage of immovable properties such as Land & Building, Gala, Shop, Showroom, Office, Godown, Residential Flats etc.
  • Title clearance and search report are to obtained from our bank’s approved advocate and valuation report from Bank’s approved valuer.

Processing Fees
1% of the Loan amount/Renewals+ Service Tax