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NPS LITE Swawalamban Scheme

Now open NPS Lite Swavalamban pension account with any of the branches of Mogaveera Bank and enjoy pension after the age of 60.

This scheme is initiated by Govt of India for all those who do not have regular Provident Fund benefit from their employer.

Retirement is every one’s right
With Swavalamban we too can retire now

By investing Rs. 1000 every month in Swavalamban even you can lead a peaceful life after sixty. Make your PRAN card today.

Features of Swavalamban

  • Scheme of Government of India for old age pension.
  • Every Indian Citizen in 18 to 60 age group can open NPS account.
  • As per your convenience you can deposit Rs. 1000 to Rs. 12,0000 every year.
  • Every year get Rs. 1000 from Government of India (maximum 5 years.)