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Savings Account

Any individual or individuals can open their Savings Account with any of our branches, either singly or jointly. The accounts can also be opened by Co-op Housing Societies, Clubs, Trusts/or Associations.

The balance in the account earns an interest of 2.7% pa calculated every day but paid once every 6 months, viz in September and March every year.

The account also has a nomination facility whereby the customer can nominate a close relative to be beneficiary of the balances in the account in the event of the death of the account holder.

Savings account with us has a facility of free cheque-book and RuPay ATM cum Debit card which can be used in any of the RuPay enabled ATM’s in India. Savings account offered by our bank is ideal for all customer who wishes to save regularly as well as have the benefit of easy liquidity and access to the funds in the account in times of emergency of exigencies.

Savings account holders can enjoy additional benefits such as

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer Facility (vide NEFT, RTGS and IMPS).
  2. Pay various direct & indirect taxes through any of our branches.
  3. Avail foreign currencies delivered at their home whenever they have need for availing Foreign Exchange facilities.
  4. Avail our bank’s Insurance Products to secure their life as well as Health and movable immovable properties & assets.

Savings Account with our bank comes with host of facilities for our account holders.

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